926 new features of WINDEV 26, WEBDEV 26 and WINDEV Mobile 26

Reminder: an OCR (Optical Character Recognition) system an- alyzes an image to extract the text it contains. Version 26 allows you to include native OCR functionalities in your applications and sites. The OCR engine is a neural network. It decrypts images contain- ing text. Take a picture of a contract with your phone, and retrieve the text in your app or in Microsoft Word! OCR is also very useful for a DMS, in order to index the contents. 038 N e w f e a t u r e W D W B WM A NEWWLANGUAGE FAMILY: OCR The method for retrieving a text is simple: simply pass an image (any format) or a PDF document to the OCRExtract- Text function. OCRExtractText will return all the text from the image. All content other than text is ignored. To analyze only a part of an image, simply specify the coordi- nates of the part to be analyzed. For example: MyRectangle is Rectangle MyRectangle..X=129 MyRectangle..Y=94 MyRectangle..Width=1353 MyRectangle..Height=121 OCRExtractText(MyImage, MyRectangle) OCRExtractText analyzes an image and returns a set of rect- angles each containing a block of text. Benefit provided by this new feature of version 26: Extract text from images and scanned docu- ments 039 N e w f e a t u r e W D W B WM OCR: MANAGEMENT OF LANGUAGES By default, all languages are supported. The OCR system recognizes the following charsets: • Latin • Cyrillic • Chinese • Japanese • Arabic • Hebrew • ... Additionally, the OCR system analyzes the resulting texts in real time and uses a language-specific model. This model improves recognition. The default optimized languages are English, French and Spanish. To optimize other languages, simply integrate the training model of the corresponding neural network (available on the Internet). Multiple languages can be supported simultaneously. This optimization can be disabled. Benefit provided by this new feature of version 26: Advanced recognition NATIVE OCR: TRANSFORMA PHOTO, AN IMAGE OR A SCAN INTO TEXT OCR is useful for any purpose: • EDM • Expense accounts • Invoices • Quotes • Contracts • Search in a scan • ... 13 WINDEV 26 WEBDEV 26 WINDEV Mobile 26 New features