927 new features of WINDEV 27, WEBDEV 27 and WINDEV Mobile 27

Step-by-step diagram Sequence diagram Infrastructure diagram in edit mode (Windows) Infrastructure diagram in edit mode (Web) DIAGRAM EDITOR CONTROL: A TRUE FULLY- FLEDGED PROGRAM CONTROL The Diagram Editor control is equivalent to a full program: it allows you to create diagrams without writing one line of code. End users of your application or site can create, edit, save and print their own diagrams. The control takes care of every- thing. All types of diagrams are supported: logical diagram, flowchart, workflow, plan, IT infrastructure, process, vector graphics, electronic schematic diagram, mind map, ... PROGRAMMING The Diagram Editor control can also be handled through programming. Your application or site can create diagrams, and can edit or complement a diagram made by a user. WINDEV 27 WEBDEV 27 WINDEV Mobile 27 New features 5