926 new features of WINDEV 26, WEBDEV 26 and WINDEV Mobile 26

861 N e w f e a t u r e W D W B WM USE VIA HTML PAGES : MAP YOUR ACTIVE WEBDEV PAGE WITH A THIRD-PARTY PAGE • Bootstrap • Angular • React • Vue.JS • ... are widely used to create pages. In version 26, you can easily use pages created with one of these frameworks in a WEBDEV site. You can thus benefit from both the power of the WEBDEV Application Server and from your experience with these frameworks. WLanguage communicates with the code that uses these frameworks via procedure calls. In the Active WEBDEV Page, you can use Browser and Server procedures. You can call these WLanguage procedures from the JS code of the HTML page that uses the third-party frame- work. This means you can always take advan- tage of the power of WLanguage on the Application Server. You can use your existing elements. Benefit provided by this new feature of ver- sion 26: WEBDEV 26 is open to all architectures 862 N e w f e a t u r e W D W B WM A SIMPLE OPERATING MODE The operating mode is simple: • Create an Active WEBDEV Page without interface, and write the WLanguage code in this page: Browser and Server procedures. • Integrate a <script src = page.awp > tag in the HTML page created with the third-party framework (Bootstrap, etc.) • In the JS code of this third-party page, call the procedures written in WLanguage. Benefit provided by this new feature of version 26: Easy implementation OPENNESS: FRONT-END IN BOOTSTRAP, ANGULAR, REACT, VUE.JS, ... • Call the busi- ness logic of your WLanguage code from raw HTML/JS pages • Read or write HFSQL data • Generate a PDF • Create a DOCX • Send an email • Send notifications to mobile devices 85 WINDEV 26 WEBDEV 26 WINDEV Mobile 26 New features