WEBDEV Concepts

256 Part 9: Appendices Components WEBDEV is supplied with projects corresponding to components. These projects contain: • a project configuration corresponding to the component. • a project configuration corresponding to the use of component. • an internal component. Let’s see the main components supplied with WEBDEV: WW_CloudTags Used display a cloud of tags in a dynamic WEBDEV applica- tion. WW_Extraction Used to extract and store the content of several documents (Open Office, Word 2007, ...) in order for them to be found by the full-text search. WW_PayBox Used to install a system for secure payment via PayBox. WW_PayPal Used to include PayPal payment buttons in your WEBDEV pages. WW_SecurePayment Used to manage a secure online payment. The component manages several solutions for secure pay- ment: Paybox, Ogone E-Commerce, PayPal, Cybermut, Soge- nActif, E-Transaction, Scellius, Mercanet, Sherlocks, CyberP@ iement, SPPlus. Additional components can be found on our website (www.windev.com ).