Always up-to-date sites, that securely share enter- prise data T o d a y , Internet and Intranet sites are linked to the enterprise data in real time, and behave like full-blown applica- tions. WEBDEV is the best solution to create these sites, Web applications and Webservices. With WEBDEV, your teams develop 10 times faster. Choose the most powerful platform for developing and deploying your Internet and Intranet sites and appli- cations, just like tens of thousands of developers worldwide: WEBDEV . S u m m a r y 3 Entire lifecycle 4 Questions/Answers 6 Examples 8 Static and dynamic sites 9 Intranet, Internet 10 A revolutionary technology 12 IDE: the WYSIWYG environment 13 The "7-tab" tech 14 Zoning 15 Responsive Web Design 16 Templates 17 HTML Editor 18 Compatibility with all browsers 20 Controls adapted to the Web 27 Export to Word, Excel 28 HTML5 & CSS3 29 64 languages, Electronic invoicing 30 The 5GL language 31 Code editor 32 Debugger, OOP 33 REST & SOAP Webservices 34 Angular, Bootstrap, JQuery... 35 Native access to Google, SAP,... 36 Https, Secure payment 37 Organic SEO, Password security 38 SPA, Websocket 39 SaaS 40 Data modeling 41 All databases 42 HFSQL: free database 44 Visual query editor 45 Report & PDF generator 46 Versioning (SCM) 47 Project management 48 HTML import & WINDEV 49 PHP 50 Hosting 52 Deployment 54 Administration, Statistics 55 Front Office, Back Office 57 Examples of sites WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF WEB APPLICATIONS