Tuto WINDEV Mobile 25

214 Conclusion C onclusion The tutorial is over now! This course covered a range of topics, but not all WINDEV Mobile features, far from it! You are now familiar with the main concepts. We recommend that you spend another day exploring the menu options of WINDEV Mobile, for each module. You can also explore the examples supplied with WINDEV Mobile: some are simple and only address one topic, while others are more complex. These examples will show you the different aspects of WINDEV Mobile as well as the development for the different platforms. Reading the source code is also a good way to learn. It would take too much time to discuss all available topics (there are hundreds, even thousands!). WINDEV Mobile proposes several features that were not presented in this tutorial: • sockets and HTTP functions, ... • queries, queries with parameters, ... • printing, ... See the online help for more details. We wish you great development experiences with WINDEV Mobile 25 !