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You can define the content of the training seminar, from 1 to 5 days. Ask for an estimate

Content of the training session:


This training session for developers is intended for the new WEBDEV users who want to develop Internet/Intranet sites.
First of all, we recommend that you follow the tutorial.
The WEBDEV "Advanced" training session complements this training session.

Our advice:
Benefit from exceptional prices by following the "Beginner" + "Proficiency" training sessions.
Once you followed these 2 training sessions, you will master the main concepts to develop Internet and Intranet sites and applications that manage data and processes.


You will learn to:
- Familiarize yourself with the development environment
- Create a dynamic site
- Master the basic concepts and the main editors
- Design and modify a data structure
- Use the standard WLanguage functions
- Use the templates and style sheets
- Use automatic AJAX
- Install the sites on the Web server of the hosting company
- etc.

Teaching and technical methods

Each participant is equipped with:
- a suitable computer
- a printed documentation
- a notebook
- a pen

The trainer who is directing the training session is a qualified PC SOFT employee.

Methods for monitoring the execution of the training session

A training certificate is given to each participant.

Program (details of this training session)

1. Overview of WEBDEV
- The operating mode of a site developed with WEBDEV
- Managing the life cycle of your development works
- Knowing the basic concepts and the main editors
- Using the 5GL

2. Database
- Link with an existing HFSQL database
- Designing a database specific to the Web site
- Describing the files and links (referential integrity)
- The single-file and multi-file queries

3. Graphical User Interface
- The page editor
- The Intranet/Internet environment
- The project, the pages: ergonomics, templates, skins, palettes
- The different types of objects
- The design of custom pages
- The DDW: overlaying pages
- Using style sheets
- The browsing table and looper controls

4. Programming
- The browser and server codes
- Managing the browsing tables
- Managing the browsing loopers
- Using AJAX without programming
- The procedures and functions (while passing or not parameters)

5. The folder generator
- The data files and their structure
- The drawing of the page, the details of objects, the sources associated with the object

6. The reports
- The report editor
- The different creation modes: labels, form report, table...
- The different types of report blocks
- The print parameters (PDF, paper format, margins)
- Calling a report from the GUI

7. The deployment
- Generating the standard setup procedure
- Deploying and managing the site on the server

8. Questions/Answers

Ask for an estimate