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You can define the content of the training seminar, from 1 to 5 days. Ask for an estimate

Content of the training session:


This training session for developers is intended for the users who already have developed applications with WINDEV or who followed the "Beginner" training session. The "Advanced" and "Expert" training sessions complement this training session.

Our advice:
Benefit from exceptional prices by following the "Beginner" + "Proficiency" training sessions.
Once you followed these 2 training sessions, you will master the main concepts for developing applications with WINDEV.


You will learn to:
- Master new advanced controls
- Use new WLanguage functions
- Manage the conflicts when accessing a database
- Use the text, ini and xml files
- Use the programming triggers
- Create and use queries
- Share resources
- etc.

Teaching and technical methods

Each participant is equipped with:
- a suitable computer
- a printed documentation
- a notebook
- a pen

The trainer who is directing the training session is a qualified PC SOFT employee.

Methods for monitoring the execution of the training session

A training certificate is given to each participant.

Program (details of this training session)

1. The database
- The simple queries and the queries with parameters
- Managing the concurrent accesses and the locks
- Managing the data directories
- The programming triggers

2. Graphical User Interface
- The programming table control
- The progress bar control
- The programming looper control
- The list box and combo box controls
- The RTF control
- The image control
- The listview control
- The treeview control
- The chart control (Column, Pie, ...)
- The splitter control
- The sidebar control
- Creating a supercontrol
- Creating a control template
- Creating and using a component

3. The programming and the concepts
- The integration rules of multilingual feature
- The automatic procedures
- Managing the emails (POP, SMTP, Lotus Notes, Outlook)
- Creating an FTP client
- The properties of objects
- Managing the serial and parallel links
- Implementing the programming triggers
- The text files
- The INI files
- The XML files
- Creating and including an internal component

4. The reports
- The sorts
- The breaks (totals, sub-totals)
- The conditions
- The bar codes
- The automatic report creation
- Passing parameters issued from the GUI

5. Questions/Answers

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