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Products WINDEV 24 - Update 1
Version 01A240075t
Required Version 01A240063m and later
Date 27 June 2019

You must own a registered English or International version of WINDEV 24,
before downloading the module proposed on this page.

This version contains several enhancements further to user feedback
regarding version Ref. 240063m and new features are implemented.

How do I install this version?
  1. Download the module below in a directory (select 'Save on disk').
  2. Once the module has been downloaded, run the program found in the download directory.
  3. Follow the instructions.
WINDEV 24 - Update 1
WINDEV 24 WX24UPDATEUS075t.exe 27 June 2019
Reports & Queries RQ24PACKUS075t.exe 27 June 2019
Fix pack * WX24PACKUS075t4.exe July 17, 2019
This pack contains improvements for the following aspects:

- compilation and execution of applications in Android and in particular the transition to API28 of the Google sdk,
- WEBDEV deployment in zero-downtime mode,
- an update of the Word Processing control,
- custom setup (WDSETUP).

After installing, the number of your version will be 75t#.
Modules common to WINDEV, WEBDEV and WINDEV Mobile 240075t
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