929 new features in WINDEV, WEBDEV and WINDEV Mobile 2024

Legend WD WB WM : the legend indi- cates the IDE in which the new feature is available. This documentation only pres- ents the new features of version 2024. To discover the thousands of features of each product, refer to their respective documenta- tion (at WINDEV.COM , or printed brochure on demand). New version 2024 brings you an incredible amount of use- ful new features. Guided Tour generator, Figma import, DocuSign electronic sig- nature, Favorite control, automatic data masking, spatial data in HFSQL, Tailwind CSS, CSS grid, multiple analy- ses per project, multithreaded Native Connectors, increased speed, and much more. Version 2024 brings your teams 929 es- sential newfeatures. Capitalize on your experience while taking advantage of new technologies and new tools. This is one of the main advan- tages of version 2024. These new features meet your needs, and are compatible with the elements you already have. WINDEV 2024, WEBDEV 2024 and WINDEV Mobile 2024 are your working tools. Our main goal is to help you succeed, re- gardless of the environment and de- vices your projects are aimed at. Version 2024 will instantly be- come your favorite version. ORDER VERSION 2024 TODAY! DEVELOP 10 T IMES FASTER