928 new features of WINDEV 28, WEBDEV 28 and WINDEV Mobile 28

NEW KANBAN CONTROL KANBAN BOARD WITH CARDS 001 N e w f e a t u r e W D W B WM NEW KANBAN CONTROL The new Kanban control stands out as one of the most versa- tile new features in version 28. Enjoy all the features of a Kanban board by simply dropping the control onto a window or page. Benefit of this new feature in version 28: A very powerful control 002 N e w f e a t u r e W D W B WM WHAT IS KANBAN? Originally, Kanban is a Japanese method aimed at improving processes for a better, more efficient production cycle. Today, Kanban also refers to a method in which tasks are vi- sually classified, allowing for better task management. Each task is written on a "card" that will move to a different list (column) according to its progress status. In addition to tasks, these cards can represent any other type