Désolé, votre navigateur ne supporte pas le javascript. PC SOFT WINDEV: Native AS/400 and IBM i Connector
Cross-platform application development software suite Integrated software for developing cross-platform applications


WINDEV and WEBDEV connect to AS/400 using a fast and powerful "Native Connector", as well as ODBC and OLEDB.
ll the features of the environment are available.
installation is extremely simple.

You only need one license per server.
n unlimited number of computers can access the server.

Here is a list of the main features of the Native AS/400 Connector:

Use SQL commands Yes
Use HRead* commands for programming without knowledge of SQL Yes
Compatibility with HFSQL programming (file, query) Yes
WINDEV syntax "Table.column", "Query.Column" available when coding Yes
Automatic assignment of screen buffers to a table: FileToScreen, ScreenToFile Yes
RAD Full
Automatic browse tables Yes
Automatic input tables (Add/Modify/Delete) Yes
Tables: automatic search Yes
Tables: automatic integrity management Yes
Table completion using partial fetch (no wait) Yes
Integration with the environment (assisted input, structure import, etc.) Yes
WDMAP file viewer Yes
Query editor Yes
Installation Automatic
MDAC layer Not required
Speed Very high
Automatic management of modification conflicts Yes
Automatic management of duplicates Yes
Automatic management of required items Yes
Technical Support via Direct Assistance Yes
Record locking Yes
Table locking Yes
Transaction Yes
Management of automatic identifiers Yes
Filter/Search on queries Yes
Delete/Modify in queries Yes