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This page proposes visual elements (images, logos, animations, etc.) that may be reused, under specific conditions, in your own applications and sites developed with PC SOFT products (WINDEV and/or WEBDEV and/or WINDEV Mobile).

All images and logos displayed on this page are protected by copyrights.
Please read the Conditions of use before downloading and using any element.

To download a visual element, click one of the images below:

Trademarks and copyrights

WINDEV, WEBDEV, WINDEV Mobile, and PC SOFT are registered trademarks of PC SOFT (trademarks registered in Europe, USA, Canada and many other countries).

  • When mentioned for the first time, WINDEV, WEBDEV or WINDEV Mobile must include the ® symbol.
    For example:
    (® symbol in HTML: "®")
  • In all cases, any site or application that uses one or more trademarks of PC SOFT must specify that such trademarks are the property of PC SOFT.
    For example:
    PC SOFT and "WINDEV" are registered trademarks of PC SOFT.
  • The names of the products must be written as follows: "WINDEV", "WEBDEV" and "WINDEV Mobile".


The images available on our website are protected by the intellectual property law.
These images are property of PC SOFT.

You may use the images provided on this page, free of charge, without any compensation from PC SOFT, on the condition of following the guidelines established by PC SOFT.

  • The physical name of the images must not be changed.
  • Images must not be distorted, and must keep their original proportions, i.e., the "height/width" ratio. Many graphic tools offer the "stretched" option, which distorts the image. Make sure you use the "homothetic" option.
  • The quality of the images must be preserved.
  • Color tones must not be changed.
  • Fonts must not be changed.
  • Images must not be modified under any circumstances.

It is not possible to use other images (property of PC SOFT) than those available on this page without the written consent of PC SOFT.
Póngase en contacto con nosotros para obtener más información.

Guidelines for using trademarks and images.

These conditions apply in particular to websites that use trademarks or images owned by PC SOFT.


  • The site must not be confusing for web users: they must know that they are not on an official PC SOFT website.
  • The website must comply with French regulations and those of the country where it was created.
  • The information presented on the website must be clear, verifiable and accurate.

The following are not allowed to use these trademarks and images:

  • Any person, company or organization, whose interest is not the provision of clear, verifiable and accurate information about our software and/or PC SOFT.
  • PC SOFT's competitors, and their affiliates in any form whatsoever, and in particular the so-called "associative" websites.
  • Employees of PC SOFT's competitors.
  • People who have already been found guilty of acting illegally against the interests of PC SOFT.
  • Any action intended to appropriate or divert the reputation of a trademark or image owned by PC SOFT in order to make a profit, to harm the legitimate interests of PC SOFT, or to deceive web users.
  • Any website not authorized by PC SOFT to use its images.

Trademarks and images can be used, among others:

  • On e-commerce websites.
  • On websites containing lists of software products.
  • On personal sites presenting, for example, utilities related to PC SOFT software, tips and tricks, etc.
  • In software or software packages (after written consent of PC SOFT).

Do not hesitate to contact PC SOFT for any further details.