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"Reports & Queries" is a module intended for the end users of applications developed with WINDEV.

"Reports & Queries" can be freely distributed with each one of your WINDEV applications (see license).

"Reports & Queries" allows end users to:
- create their own reports
- create their own queries on the database

End users can also modify the reports created by a developer.
or example, end users can:
- change a logo
- change the position of a label
- etc.

End users can make these changes directly (developers can prevent "sensitive" resources from being modified).

It's a win-win situation for developers and end users!

This "User" version of "Reports & Queries" has the <b>same features as the report editor included in WINDEV</b>, except for programming, since the WLanguage commands to modify, add and delete records are not enabled.

Example of print preview performed by Reports and Queries
Example of print preview with "Reports & Queries"
Create queries without effort and see the results
Create queries without effort and see the results

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