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In-house training session:



This training session for developers is intended for users with a good knowledge of PC SOFT development environments or for those who have previously completed a "Fundamentals 1" training session.

You will discover the tools of collaborative work: install, configure and use the Source Code Manager (SCM). You will learn how to organize the Control Centers, manage a project, manage rights, development teams, implement project versioning, manage user feedback, etc. locally, remotely and in the cloud.

Duration 2 days
Price Flat rate for 1 to 8 developers.
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The following is the suggested content of this training session:
(This content can be fully customized)


You will learn:

  • The Source Code Manager
  • The Control Centers
  • Etc.
Program (details of this training session)

The trainer uses the course support material, adapted to the objectives of the training session.
(the support material is provided in printed format at the beginning of the course)

This course support material is divided into subjects.
Each subject is based on 3 axes:
1 - theoretical presentation of the subject by the trainer and questions/answers

2 - implementation exercise (individual task) within a given time frame
the trainer remains available to help and provide additional explanations.

3 - correction of the exercise with all the necessary explanations and questions/answers
the trainer makes sure that each trainee has fully understood the exercise before continuing.

All of these methods and exercises will help you put into practice what you have learned, when you return to your company.

Subject 1. The Control Centres (2 hours)

  • Managing a project: organize, estimate and assign tasks (Control Centers, Task scheduling)
  • Implementing the work method (Agile, Scrum, XP, etc.)
  • Managing delivery times (Burn down chart, Gantt chart, Task dependencies) (new features)
  • Monitoring development teams, managing delivery times and anticipating schedule overruns (Sprints, Impact analysis, etc.)
  • Managing user feedback and using spools (customer requests, management of incidents)

Subject 2. BAL: Internal messaging tool for development projects (30 minutes)

  • Improving communication within the team via development-oriented messaging tools (automatic notifications, shared information, etc.)

Subject 3. The Source Code Manager (11.5 hours)

  • Installing and configuring a local SCM server
  • Using a Source Code Manager in the Cloud to access your projects from anywhere
  • Implementing collaborative work to allow multiple developers to work on the same projects (SCM): centralizing all software resources (source code, UI & UX, analysis, etc.)
  • Analyzing code quality (comment ratio, mandatory tests, integration policies, etc.)
  • Managing rights on the projects (lock)
  • Factorizing code and improving maintenance by sharing elements
  • Managing application versioning and software regressions:
    - Development branches
    - Labelling (labels, markers, traceability of versions)
    - Restoring history (ability to go back to an earlier version)
    - Identifying the differences between versions of source codes. Merging source codes
  • Better availability thanks to offline development
  • Maintaining and securing repositories (save, clear, restore)
Duration 2 days
Price Flat rate for 1 to 8 developers.
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Last updated: January 2023