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In-house training session:

Threads and Parallel Tasks


This training session for developers is intended for users who have already developed applications with WINDEV or who have previously completed the "Advanced Level 3" training session.

You will learn to work with threads and critical sections, manage parallel tasks and use HFSQL contexts.

Duration 1 day
Price Flat rate for 1 to 8 developers.
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The following is the suggested content of this training session:
(This content can be fully customized)


You will learn to:

  • Manage threads and use critical sections
  • Manage parallel tasks and use HFSQL contexts
Program (details of this training session)

The trainer uses the course support material, adapted to the objectives of the training session.
(the support material is provided in printed format at the beginning of the course)

This course support material is divided into subjects.
Each subject is based on 3 axes:
1 - theoretical presentation of the subject by the trainer and questions/answers

2 - implementation exercise (individual task) within a given time frame
the trainer remains available to help and provide additional explanations.

3 - correction of the exercise with all the necessary explanations and questions/answers
the trainer makes sure that each trainee has fully understood the exercise before continuing.

All of these methods and exercises will help you put into practice what you have learned, when you return to your company.

Subject 1. Reminder on Threads (2 hours)

  • Using Threads
  • Refreshing the UI from a secondary Thread
  • Using Thread*() functions
  • Critical section

Subject 2. Parallel tasks (5 hours)

  • Using Parallel tasks with or without HFSQL contexts
  • Refreshing the UI from a Parallel task
  • Using ParallelTask*(functions)
    - ParallelTaskExecute
    - ParallelTaskWaitAll
    - ParallelTask variable
Duration 1 day
Price Flat rate for 1 to 8 developers.
Ask us for a free quote.

Last updated: January 2020