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Before getting in touch with our Free Technical Support, please read the following suggestions:

When you encounter a problem, try to isolate it, and then reproduce it using the minimum number of elements.
If you send source code, limit the number of lines (maximum 30 lines unless directed otherwise by your recipient).

To ensure a fast answer to your request, we insist on the importance of providing us with precise and clear directions on how to reproduce the problem.
Detail precisely all the steps to take to reproduce your problem.
Don't forget that the person who will process your request does not know anything about your application, and that nothing will be obvious to him/her.
Therefore, please be very specific with your directions on how to reproduce the problem.

Describe the object of your request very clearly.
Never refer to a previous e-mail.
The more precise and clear you are, the faster we'll be able to help you.

If error messages were displayed, write them down word for word.

Describe in details the solutions and methods implemented to try to resolve or work around the problem.

A lot of "software" errors are caused by hardware problems.
Check your computer.
Check your network: configuration, cabling, address, etc.
Check your video, printer and network drivers.
Perform a SCANDISK to make sure that no file is corrupted. If a module is corrupted, reinstall this module from your backup.

Check whether the subject of your request is relevant to PC SOFT.
The Free Technical Support does not provide help with Windows API, Word Basic commands, Windows configuration, TCP/IP configuration, network settings, and so on.

How to contact PC SOFT Free Technical Support?
by TechSupportRequest (recommended)

E-mails are generally answered within 24 to 48 hours.
Please don't include attachments over 100 Kb without prior agreement. Files above this size are automatically deleted by the system.

Note: we handle more than 100.000 inqueries a year, we may make mistakes or may not fully understand a question. If you are not satisfied with an answer, send back an e-mail or a fax with the initial question, the answer you received and your comment. We will answer you.