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Take advantage of a free test hosting for your WEBDEV websites on a genuine deployment server.

This new free service has been set up by the PC SOFT's free Tech Support to allow you to:
- Test the deployment of your website on a professional deployment server with high performance.
- Validate the performance of your website on a shared server.
- Do a real presentation of your website to a client or to your management.

How does it work?
PC SOFT offers you a free WEBDEV account and an FTP account.
You have storage space for your project and your data
The number of concurrent connections is limited to 100.
This hosting is only available for testing purposes.

Usage rules
This is a free service which is intended for testing only.
You are must only host websites for tests, for a limited time.

How to use this service?
To benefit from this test hosting at PC SOFT, simply create a setup procedure from WEBDEV (“Workshop – Create the setup procedure” menu).
Then select the option “Deploy the WEBDEV site via the PC SOFT test hosting service”.
In the next step, click on the link to create your account.
You will receive the necessary informatio