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Products WINDEV Mobile 25 - Update 1
Version 01A250090f
Required Version 01A250089f and later
Date 28 October 2020

You must own a registered English or International version of WINDEV Mobile 25, before downloading the module proposed on this page.

This version contains several enhancements further to user feedback
regarding version Ref. 250089f and new features have been implemented.

Update required to publish Android applications on Google Play

After each new version of Android is deployed, Google requires a higher target API level ("TargetSdkVersion") to publish applications on Google Play. With the release of Android 10, Google now requires API level 29 to allow deployments. This applies from:

  • 03 August 2020 for new applications,
  • 02 November 2020 for application updates.

This update allows you to generate an application with this API level.

These are the changes that apply to applications:

1. On Android 10

  • When the application is in the background, it is no longer possible to open a window.
  • It is no longer possible to get a unique device identifier with SysIMEI and SysSerialNum. "Device owner" applications are not affected by this restriction.
  • It is no longer possible to manipulate WiFi connection parameters by programming. The following functions trigger a fatal error when used in Android 10 or higher: WiFiActivate (syntax to modify activation only), WiFiAddNetwork, WiFiDeleteNetwork, WiFiConnect and WiFiListNetwork.
    "Device owner" applications are not affected by this restriction.
  • The content of the clipboard can no longer be retrieved if the application is in the background. In this case, Clipboard will return an empty string.

2. On Android 10 with API level 29:

  • Applications can no longer access files located on the external storage, outside their specific directories (SysDirExternalStorage with sseApp* constants).
    These files can no longer be accessed in read or write mode. Fixed file paths or paths built from SysDirStorageCard or SysDirExternalStorage with ssePublic* constants must therefore no longer be used. This restriction will be permanent from Android 11, API level 30. On Android 10 (API level 29), some of these locations can still be accessed, so they remain usable with WINDEV Mobile Update 4. However, it is recommended to make the necessary adaptations to the applications that access them.
  • Android 10 has implemented a new permission for the functions that allow locating the device: ACCESS_BACKGROUND_LOCATION.
    This permission is automatically added when one of the following functions is used in the application to allow its use in the background:
    BeaconDetectBackground Notifies the application when the device enters or leaves the transmission range of a set of Beacons.
    BeaconDetectPrecise Used to find the Beacons near the device.
    BTLEListDevice Returns the list of accessible Bluetooth Low Energy devices.
    BTListDevice Returns the list of accessible Bluetooth devices.
    geoTrackingEnable Enables the management of location tracking in a WINDEV Mobile application.
    GPSDetectPosition Asks to be notified when the device gets close to a given location.
    GPSFollowMovement Asks to be regularly notified about the current device location.
    GPSGetPosition Retrieves information about the current device location.
    GPSInfo Returns the information about the location provider used by the application for geolocation functions.
    GPSInitParameter Initializes the parameters of geolocation WLanguage functions and finds a location provider.
    GPSLastPosition Retrieves the information about the last known device location.
    GPSStatus Retrieves the activation status of the geolocation provider or asks to be notified when the status changes.
    GPSStopDetection Stops the location tracking started with GPSDetectPosition.
    MapFollowMovement Displays the current device location in a Map control and updates this location if it changes.
    MobileNetworkConnectionInfo Returns information regarding the current connection to data on the mobile network.
    WiFiDetectAccessPoint Starts detecting the Wi-Fi access points currently accessible from the device.

    When this permission is added to the application, the user can allow access to the device's location all the time, allow access to the location only while using the application, or deny the access to the location. The user can also change these permissions at any time in the Android settings.

3. The following error may appear when publishing an application on the Play Store: "The private key was not properly encrypted or is not a type of key we support". It is necessary to recreate the signature file of the application (this file can be recreated in the application generation wizard).
Caution: If there are identifiers based on the signature file (e.g. Google Map identifier), it is also necessary to regenerate these identifiers with the new key.

Management of bar codes

  • PDF417 bar code: If a bar code contained a dash, it could be read as an underscore.


  • In some cases, fReadLine did not read the entire text file.
How do I install this version?
  1. Download the module below in a directory.
  2. Once the module has been downloaded, run the program in the download directory.
  3. Follow the instructions.
WINDEV Mobile 25 - Update 1
WINDEV Mobile 25 WX25UPDATEUS090f.exe
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